Our purpose.

To enhance the lives of people and organisations through ethical and sustainable use of emerging technologies.

Our Story

We are Aware. Delivering Intelligent Action, to see the potential in emerging technology, making it real. Elevating business by finding better outcomes, as a trusted partner to guide and direct the use of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, modern data platforms and advanced robotics. Aware of the change ahead, equipped to navigate it. Accelerating the potential of technology, in line with the nature of your business.

Seeing more – creating data that’s opens potential. Knowing more – identifying problems before people are aware of them. Doing more – making the right moves forward, delivering answers the most effective way.

We call it Awareness. Seeing change and knowing how to deliver on it. Part of the solution, with better outcomes, a better way, working alongside and inside organisations, advancing how future business works, enhancing the lives of people and the worlds they live in.

Services we offer

Pushing the boundaries on the creation new of data, using areas of AI such as Computer Vision and Acoustic detection, and state of the art cloud architectures to provide unique solutions to unique problems.

Our senior leadership team

Innovative, persistent, and experienced, our staff and the way they work are exactly what make us who we are. Our high-calibre team, on all levels of the company, bring deep levels of experience in business and technology to address challenging problems.

Chief Executive Officer Aware

Brandon Hutcheson

Chief Executive Officer

Jourdan Templeton Chief Technology Officer Aware

Jourdan Templeton

Chief Technology Officer

Bianca Ellery Chief Operating Officer Aware

Bianca Ellery

Chief Operating Officer

Nathan Holland

Director of Architecture

Jo Mickleson

Director of Strategy and Growth

Fraser Paine

Sales Director

Global capabilities with local knowledge

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