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We specialize in building, deploying, and operating cognitive AI-enabled applications that enable many new industry use cases. We combine the AI software, services, and support to help you deploy trusted enterprise AI solutions at scale, more quickly, with a faster time to realised value and organisational impact.

Although we can do a wide variety of things with counting and classifying, we’ve organised them into Aware AI™ Solution Accelerators that you can start with in developing your solution. Because your solutions utilise similar technologies, it’s easier and faster for you to start off with a Solution Accelerator and then customise it with both Aware AI™ Modules and components unique to you.

Aware AI™ Solution Accelerators

Because the solutions we offer under Aware AI™ are all powered by similar technologies, we made it easy for you to get started with your custom solution via Aware AI™ Solution Accelerators. Save time and customise a Solution Accelerator to create an industry solution specific to your unique needs. They can be customised with Aware AI™ Modules and features that fit your solution idea.

Aware AI™ Modules

When customising an Aware AI™ Solution Accelerator, you can leverage different Aware AI™ Modules in order to create your custom solution. Modules are the underlying features that build custom solutions.

People counting allows you to understand how many people are in a space. This could help you understand room utilization or maximum person capacity of an area.

Vision AI can detect if people are wearing Personal Protective Equipment like a mask, hard hat or safety vest.

A floorplan or space heatmap can be generated from dwell-time data. This allows you to understand where people are spending the most time in your retail store, or where COVID distancing violations occur the most.

Audio AI can detect and classify sounds. This could be used for Noise Compliance reporting, detecting industrial quality or maintenance issues and many more scenarios.

Vision AI can be used to detect line length and wait times in hospitality, public services and other areas where service times matter.

Vision AI can be used to classify pedestrians and cyclists using public pathways.

Vehicle counting can help you understand traffic density, number of cars in an area and many other scenarios.

Vehicle classification can help you understand what type of vehicles are in view of your camera.

Vision AI can recognize number plates on vehicles and allow you to track who enters an area or identify customers as they arrive to assist in curb-side pickup.

Vision AI can count and classify objects and other vehicle types from drone footage

Nearly any object can be counted. You can train an AI model to count animals from a drone, items on the production line and many other use cases.

Vision AI can be used to both count and classify quality of products on a manufacturing production line.

Flexible deployment options

Innovation in AI processing is happening very fast, giving you the option to inference in the cloud or at the edge on a range of devices.

Azure Stack Edge

An edge computing appliance managed by Azure bringing the compute power, storage, and intelligence of Azure right to where you need it.

Embedded AI Hardware

The introduction of smart cameras and small embedded devices means you can inference AI at the Edge nearly anywhere.

Azure AI Cloud Services

Azure offers a comprehensive cloud infrastructure and a family of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you run your intelligent apps in the cloud.

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