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We specialize in building, deploying, and operating cognitive AI-enabled applications that enable many new industry use cases. We combine the AI software, services, and support to help you deploy trusted enterprise AI solutions at scale, more quickly, with a faster time to realised value and organisational impact.

Although we can do a wide variety of things with counting and classifying, we’ve organised them into Aware AI™ Solution Accelerators that you can start with in developing your solution. Because your solutions utilise similar technologies, it’s easier and faster for you to start off with a Solution Accelerator and then customise it with both Aware AI™ Modules and components unique to you.

Custom AI machine Learning Services

Aware AI Solution Accelerators

Agricultural and environmental analytics

Vehicle and traffic analytics

Manufacturing quality control

Health and safety

Predictive maintenance

Noise compliance

Aware AI Modules

When customising an Aware AI™ Solution Accelerator, you can leverage different Aware AI™ Modules in order to create your custom solution. Modules are the underlying features that build custom solutions.

Flexible deployment options

Innovation in AI processing is happening very fast, giving you the option to inference in the cloud or at the edge on a range of devices.

Azure Stack Edge

An edge computing appliance managed by Azure bringing the compute power, storage, and intelligence of Azure right to where you need it.

Embedded AI Hardware

The introduction of smart cameras and small embedded devices means you can inference AI at the Edge nearly anywhere.

Azure AI Cloud Services

Azure offers a comprehensive cloud infrastructure and a family of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you run your intelligent apps in the cloud.

How to get started with Aware AI

Get your proof of concept going in weeks, not months. Work with us to identify the right AI project and test the viability of it. You’d be surprised how much can get accomplished in a short amount of time.


A session with your team for between 3-6 hours can help you identify a use case solution to your challenges and results in a plan to validate it’s potential.


A 2-3 day workshop usually results in a working prototype that can be tested in your environment to prove the viability and potential of the use case.


In just 2-4 weeks for your Artificial Intelligence solution can be prepared and deployed in your environment as a production pilot.

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