Aware AI™

Cognitive AI-enabled devices to collect data on your environment

Our platform for cognitive AI

Aware AI™ is a flexible solution suite for deploying and operating cognitive AI-enabled devices, such as cameras and microphones, that enable many new industry use cases. We combine the AI hardware, software, knowledge, and support to produce valuable, accurate data more quickly so you can make decisions with maximum organisational impact. Our AI offerings include ready-to-go solutions for specific use cases or custom solutions made to fit your unique needs, both of which count and classify objects or people in smart spaces such as cities, campuses, factories, or buildings.

Aware AI™ for Pathways

Aware AI™ for Pathways counts and classifies micromobility traffic such as pedestrians or cyclists so that cities and campuses can make data-driven decisions regarding their pathways.

By providing accurate, up-to-date data on the different ways people use your pathways, Aware AI™ for Pathways informs city planning, allows for impact analysis on decisions made, and overall reduces costs.

Aware AI™ for Facilities

Aware AI™ for Facilities uses computer vision to provide you with accurate facility usage data so that you can make the most of your spaces.

With results presented via an accessible, near-real-time dashboard, you can monitor usage patterns to inform city planning and integrate data with building systems to reduce spending on HVAC and lighting based on room usage.

Aware AI™ Custom Solutions

If your use case doesn’t quite fit under either of the above solutions, but you still want to count or classify, we can develop you a custom solution.

So we can save you time and build a solution specific to your needs, we customise existing hardware and software with Aware AI™ Solution Accelerators, adding both Aware AI™ Modules and additional context and features unique to you.

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