Aware AI.

Cognitive AI-enabled devices to collect data on your environment

Our platform for cognitive AI

Aware AI is a flexible solution suite for deploying and operating cognitive AI-enabled devices, such as cameras and microphones, that enable many new industry use cases. We combine the AI hardware, software, knowledge, and support to produce valuable, accurate data more quickly so you can make decisions with maximum organisational impact. Our AI offerings include ready-to-go solutions for specific use cases or custom solutions made to fit your unique needs, both of which count and classify objects or people in smart spaces such as cities, campuses, factories, or buildings.

Aware AI Custom Solutions

If your use case doesn’t quite fit under either of the above solutions, but you still want to count or classify, we can develop you a custom solution.

So we can save you time and build a solution specific to your needs, we customise existing hardware and software with Aware AI Solution Accelerators, adding both Aware AI Modules and additional context and features unique to you.

Why Aware AI?

Flexible deployment

Easily deploy our solutions, or leverage our expertise to develop your unique Artificial Intelligence or machine learning solution.

Up-to-date dashboards

Our Aware AI™ solutions present data easily, displaying results on interactive, accessible, near-real-time dashboards we developed.

Accurate data

Our devices and AI models have been proven to maintain an accuracy level of higher than 95% confidence, even in poor weather conditions.

Lower costs

Our AI solutions are consistently more affordable than other solutions on the market, and we make saving you money a top priority.

Proven outcomes

Our customers, ranging from city councils and universities to business parks, have gained huge amounts of valuable insights on their spaces.

Solution support

Even after deployment, we promise to personally support you and ensure your needs are fully met throughout the entirety of your contract.

Giving you peace of mind

We pride ourselves on always putting the customer first, providing assistance wherever it’s needed and doing whatever we can so you can meet your goals. That means maintaining the security of our software, ensuring the privacy of the people in view of cameras, and supporting you before, during, and after your solution’s development.


Each of our devices is securely and independently connected to the internet. Data is transferred via encrypted connection to Azure cloud, where it is safely stored using Azure technologies.


Unlike other computer vision solutions, the footage we gather is never stored or transmitted anywhere, maintaining complete privacy of those in view of the camera.


Our hardware and AI models are continually supported throughout the life of your contract with us. We can also host training sessions with your staff so you can take full advantage of the solution.

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