Case Study – Ryman Healthcare’s Retirement Village Games

We’ve been utilising emerging technologies to produce some pretty unique solutions for years. But an age-defying Olympic competition across two countries is not something we expected to help out with. [email protected], as it has been dubbed, was Ryman Healthcare’s brilliant idea to increase engagement for thousands of their residents all across New Zealand

Case Study – Facilities Management at Lincoln University

Tertiary institutions all across the world struggle with providing accurate, timely data regarding the utilisation of their campuses and facilities. Because this data is vital to running campuses as efficiently as possible, Lincoln University enlisted Aware Group’s help to automate how they collect and report information in order to optimise

Introducing Aware AI for Facilities Utilisation

As global leaders in emerging technologies, Aware Group has been at the forefront of innovation surrounding Artificial Intelligence. In early 2020, we introduced Aware AI, a flexible solution suite for building, deploying, and operating cognitive AI-enabled applications that opens the door for organisations to an almost endless list of use

Announcing Aware AI

Announcing Aware AI™ by Aware Group As emerging technology leaders in the Asia Pacific, Aware Group are proud to announce a range of Artificial Intelligence Solution Accelerators that will help organizations tackle digital transformation challenges and opportunities. Aware AI™ is a flexible solution suite for building, deploying and operating cognitive

Case Study: Wintec Student Support via Machine Learning

The Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) provides numerous pastoral care and academic support services to students. This support has traditionally been inconsistent, and measurement of success has relied on anecdotal evidence. To allow better targeting of at-risk students, whilst providing ongoing, statistical evidence of the efficacy of the student services,


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