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Working at Aware Group

At Aware Group, we strive to create a culture that puts our employees first and makes them feel challenged, supported, and vital to the success of our company – because they are. Watch our newest video production to get an inside peek at what being an employee at Aware Group is like.

We think of ourselves as a family – a family that’s always growing. With our company continuing to expand across New Zealand and beyond, we’re constantly in need of new team members that want to be a part of something bigger.

Our team

We’re proud of the solutions we provide and the work we’ve done. But there’s nothing we’re more proud of than our team.
Innovative, persistent, and experienced, our staff and the way they work are exactly why we’re as successful as we are.

Our team deliver AI and data services  to some of the largest organisations across NZ and the world.
We have offices in Hamilton and Wellington (New Zealand), Seattle (USA), and Singapore, but we are continuing to expand.

Our team are highly intelligent and extremely passionate about delivering projects that hold high-value to our customers. We’re an oddly mixed bunch of reserved and out there personalities that mesh really well, while supporting each other to deliver innovative, well thought out solutions.


Our team are the best; and we like to show them we appreciate them.

Great People

We’re extremely proud of our culture. We have a team of awesome people who want to be the best and are constantly learning from one another. It also helps we genuinely get along really well and banter is rife.

Personal Growth

We are committed to the ongoing growth of all of our team members. Every single team member gets 2 hours dedicated personal development time per week and access to a Careers Advisor to support their growth.

Emerging Tech

We’ll be frank. We get to work on really cool stuff. Be prepared for a good challenge learning to work well beyond your comfort zone, but in return you’ll get a ton of useful experience that will serve you well into the future.

Flexible Working

We’re serious about work life balance. Got a family commitment? No worries, knock off early. We encourage our team to utilize flexible working to make work suit their lifestyle.

Diverse Team

Variety is the spice of life and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our people each bring their own perspective and background to our team and we believe this helps us succeed.

Fueling Engagement

We stock our team with snacks and drinks based on their cravings, as well as each office having good quality espresso to get us going in the mornings.

Team Lunches

We know that stepping away from work to get to know each other is really beneficial. We have regular team lunches to help our team get to know one another.

Paid for every hour

We don’t really like our team working overtime, but appreciate that occasionally our customers need it. Our timesheets actively accrue time in lieu to help restore your work life balance quickly.

Shiny Workspaces

We appreciate how much a nice environment impacts your wellbeing. Our offices are kitted out with ergonomic setup’s and lots of greenery.

What we do

Our partners are always bringing us awesome opportunities, meaning that every day is different. Don’t believe us? Here are some actual things that our team have been paid to do recently:

Current opportunities

Sorry, there are currently no advertised job opportunities….

Have what it takes?

Both in skills and in size, our team is constantly growing. We’re always open to hearing from people who think their skills align well with Aware.

The cool stuff our customers get us to do with them require skills in:

  • Data Science
  • Data platform engineering
  • IoT Engineering
  • Platform (infrastructure) engineering
  • Software Engineering (full stack)
  • Sales and relationship management

At Aware we value soft skills just as much as technical. Emotional Intelligence and resilience are part of every role in our team and a growth mindset is key to our success.

Check out the positions we’re currently actively recruiting for below to find the next step in your career.

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