Advisory And Consulting

A complete suite of advisory services focused on business, strategy, quality and planning. Our consultants focus on your business outcomes.

Development And Presentation

Services that require development which is from scratch, modification of current assets/integrations or peer support services.

Cloud Services

Consulting or development services in Azure including analytics platforms, monitoring of database backups and updates of platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and cognitive computing services can produce new data from observing and interacting with the world using video and audio.

Business Intelligence

Consulting services around business intelligence which are focused on monitoring, training or providing data for document based reports.

Internet Of Things

Advisory services around IoT development including integration and use of OS, Cloud services and machine learning on embedded devices.

Proof of Concepts

Prototyping and Proof of Concept services that test the feasibility of an idea and prove out the ability to develop a production solution for it.

Advanced Analytics

Data science services including one off predictions, integration of ML predictions into reporting and support in maintaining the models/assets.


Bots utilize cognitive services to provide automation of conversational user interfaces to change the way people interact with your systems.

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