Counting Redefined

We classify and count everything and anything using the power of AI.

Some of the organisations that we have worked with

Powerful, yet simple

Every industry counts and in different ways. Harness the power of AI to provide accurate counts across any item and in any location.


Any Object

With the ability to train your own data sets, consider anything possible to be counted from grated cheese through to birds migrating.


Built for Flexibility

Strict requirements for real-time? No issue - Aware Group is able to count in specified intervals through to live counts.


Accessible on all your Infrastructure

From Edge Computing through to Cloud Processing, ACP is able to be consumed on any set of infrastructure to support any unique requirements.

All situations

Supporting Innovative Ideas

Do you need to count boats? or do you need to count the quantity of cheese grates in a pack? - We've got you covered here at Aware Group.

Solve Old Problems With New Data

Get started today and get your count.