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Who are we?

Our purpose is to enhance the lives of people and organisations through the ethical and sustainable use of emerging technologies.

A globally recognised leader in emerging technologies that brings a human perspective to every project, Aware Group provides a wide range of innovative solutions and services that focus on AI, big data, and IoT. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of Microsoft’s preferred partners in the Asia-Pacific region, underpinning our reputation for delivering quality work. Let us provide you with solutions or services that meet your unique needs.

Who we work with

We have proven experience with high-profile enterprise customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region and the world, focusing on providing innovative solutions to both corporate and public sector organisations for over five years. Much of the work we do is centred around Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, and they’re an extremely vital partner of ours. But our other partners, who we collaborate with on exciting new projects, include Ryman Healthcare, Hamilton City Council, Databricks, Umbrellar, Beca, MAUI63, and NZ Trade and Enterprise.

With three offices in two countries, we have a global reach. And the customers we work with are a case in point. We’ve worked with hundreds of organisations across the globe in almost every industry – ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government departments.

What they say about us

What we do

Since Aware Group’s inception, our focus has been on helping companies and public sector organisations find innovative solutions to their business problems.
Our consulting and development services teams specialise in using emerging technologies to produce solutions that were previously thought impossible.

Professional Services

We utilise our expertise with a wide variety of emerging technologies to provide valuable strategy consulting and produce forward-thinking solutions, capturing creativity and innovation in order to help your organisation reach its goals. These include, but are not limited to, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, modern data platforms, digital twins, and advanced robotics.

Aware AI™ – our flexible cognitive solution platform

Deploy and operate cognitive AI-enabled devices, such as cameras and microphones. Analyse your environment with Artificial Intelligence and utilise the results to make data-driven decisions, helping you both realise business outcomes and reduce costs.

Our AI products include turnkey and custom solutions for counting and classifying people, bicycles, vehicles, and other objects found in a certain area.

We’re hiring!

At Aware Group, there is one thing we’re more proud of than anything else: our people. Our team is made up of hardworking, intelligent, experienced individuals who all add something unique to the Aware Group family; a family we’re always looking to grow. If working with us sounds like something you’d be interested in, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to hear from you, no matter your intended role.

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