Aware AI™ helps you build, deploy, and manage trusted Enterprise AI solutions at scale

What is Aware AI™

Aware AI™ is a flexible solution suite for building, deploying, and operating cognitive AI-enabled applications that enable many new industry use cases. It combines the AI software, services, and support to help you deploy trusted enterprise AI solutions at scale, more quickly, with a faster time to realised value and organisational impact.

AI Software

Built on the Azure Platform, Aware AI software is existing IP with proven results including AI models, data pipelines, integrations, and visualisations to create solution accelerators that make projects go faster with better outcomes.

AI Services

Our experienced practitioners have honed their skills on hundreds of AI projects. Our AI services include business strategy consulting, solution envisioning, data science and model creation, proof of concept services, and custom development. 

AI Support

Implementing an AI solution is only the beginning. Our AI support services include ML Ops, model performance monitoring, model retraining, AI governance, and compliance reporting to keep your solution functioning and improving over time.   

Aware AI™ for Facilities Utilisation

Aware AI™ for Facilities Utilisation uses Computer Vision to turn video footage into accurate, relevant data.

Facilities Utilisation Dashboard

Track usage patterns over time and report on guaranteed accurate data all year round.

Integrate with Timetabling

Compare anticipated, timetabled, and actual usage numbers for more accurate planning.

Manage Buildings

Combine real-time and pattern behaviour with Building Management Systems to help control things like HVAC.

Aware AI™ Solution Accelerators

Solution Accelerators are built with Aware AI™ Modules and add additional context and features for a use case scenario. Save time and customize a Solution Accelerator to create an industry solution that is specific to your implementation needs.
Cycle Counting
Cycle Counting
Health and Safety
Health and Safety
Vehicle and Traffic Analytics
Vehicle and Traffic Analytics
Manufacturing Quality Control
Manufacturing Quality Control
Noise Compliance
Noise Compliance
Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
Fraud Detection and Prevention
Fraud Detection and Prevention
Agriculture Analytics
Agriculture Analytics

Aware AI™ Modules

Solution Accelerators are built with Aware AI™ Modules. They contain reusable features where the subject or function is the same. For instance, AI models and features relating to people are grouped. Examples of these multi-purpose modules are People, Vehicles, Objects, Text, and Audio.

1. People

People counting allows you to understand how many people are in a space. This could help you understand room utilization or maximum person capacity of an area.

Vision AI can detect if people are wearing Personal Protective Equipment like a mask, hard hat or safety vest.


A floorplan or space heatmap can be generated from dwell-time data. This allows you to understand where people are spending the most time in your retail store, or where COVID distancing violations occur the most.



Vision AI can track the path that individuals have taken anywhere in the spaces covered by your cameras.

2. Vehicles

Vehicle counting can help you understand traffic density, number of cars in an area and many other scenarios.

Vehicle classification can help you understand what type of vehicles are in view of your camera.

Vision AI can recognize number plates on vehicles and allow you to track who enters an area or identify customers as they arrive to assist in curb-side pickup.

3. Objects

Vision AI can count and classify boats from a drone.

Vision AI can be trained to count items on your production line.

Nearly any object can be counted. You can train an AI model to count animals from a drone, items on the production line and many other use cases.

4. Text



5. Audio

Audio AI can detect and classify sounds. This could be used for Noise Compliance reporting, detecting industrial quality or maintenance issues and many more scenarios.

6. Other

AI models that have been provided by or developed specifically for the customer can be integrated into our modular architecture.

Flexible Deployment Options

Innovation in AI processing is happening very fast giving you the option to inference in the cloud, or at the edge on a range of devices.

An edge computing appliance managed by Azure bringing the compute power, storage, and intelligence of Azure right to where you need it.

The introduction of smart cameras and small embedded devices means you can inference nearly anywhere.

Azure offers a comprehensive cloud infrastructure and a family of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you run your intelligent apps.


How to get started?

Get your proof of concept going in weeks, not months. Work with us to identify the right AI project and test the viability of it. You'd be surprised how much can get accomplished in a short amount of time.

Envisioning - Solution Identification

Envisioning - Solution Identification

An Aware AI Envisioning session with your team for between 1-6 hours can help you identify a use case solution to your challenges and results in a plan to validate it's potential.

Innovate - Hack a Prototype

Innovate - Hack a Prototype

An Aware AI Innovate 2-3 day workshop usually results in a working prototype that can be tested in your environment to prove the viability and potential of the use case.

Accelerate - Proof of Concept to Pilot

Accelerate - Proof of Concept to Pilot

With Aware AI Accelerate it typically takes just 2-4 weeks for your Artificial Intelligence Proof of Concept to be developed in your environment and prepared for a production pilot.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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