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Aware AI for Facilities

Vision AI that produces accurate room usage data

Understand the utilisation of your facilities

Facility managers across all industries are faced with challenges in managing buildings, rooms, and other spaces. Aware AI™ for Facilities helps organisations access valuable insights on their facilities’ usage so that they can make the most of their spaces. The solution uses computer vision to turn raw video footage into data, and then transfers that into the Facilities Dashboard where customers can access the information in real-time.

Common questions that can be answered by counting people in a specified area or over a specified time include:

  • Are people present when they should or should not be?
  • Does the attendance level match the expected amount?
  • Are specific facilities being utilised to their full potential?
  • What utilisation patterns are evident across different time periods?
  • Are fire safety occupation limits being obeyed and exit paths kept clear?
  • Can spending on HVAC or lighting be reduced in unused facilities?
Facilities Utilisation People Counting heat map

Why Aware AI for Facilities?

Thousands of data points annually per room help you improve scheduling based on real results and adjust space usage to meet demand.

Multipurpose infrastructure unlocks future projects such as integrating with building systems to disable utilities based on usage.

Significantly reduce cost of data collection with automated report creation and guaranteed accuracy.

We manage all solution components, meaning there’s very little additional workload for your IT team.

Utilise existing infrastructure and work in an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud environment as suits your organisation.

Connected to Azure data pipelines to make it easy to customise, configure, and add new integrations, including out-of-the-box Power BI.

Use cases

Different industries can leverage people counting in various ways, all of which are similar in approach but differ in how they are applied. We pride ourselves on our ability to customise the solution to fit whatever our customer’s requirements are.


Track the usage of spaces across campus and gather valuable insights.


Understand foot traffic and identify where customer interest lies within the store.


Know how many workers are in an area and when people cross into a hazardous zone.


Understand how many people are in an area and how long they have been waiting.


Predict usage of an area to control lighting, HVAC, or maintenance prioritisation.

Real Estate

Make informed investment decisions while providing insights to tenants.


Facilities Dashboard

Track usage patterns over time and receive reports on guaranteed accurate data all-year-round.

Integrate with timetabling

Compare anticipated, timetabled, and actual usage for more accurate planning.

Manage buildings

Combine real-time and pattern behavior with building management systems to help control things like HVAC.

Lincoln University

Lincoln University sought our help in automating their TEFMA reporting requirements.

We turned raw camera footage into valuable insights on how students and staff use their campus.

By automating people counting, they gained access to more accurate, up-to-date information for planning and were able to save big on operational costs.

How to get started

Flexible trial: 4 weeks

Prior to rollout, you have the option of testing the technology on up to three locations so you can evaluate how it can be incorporated into your operations.

Full rollout: 2-4 weeks

Devices are installed with ease, and are then individually tested and tuned by our engineers to ensure they’re working to the best of their abilities.

Support: forever

We will provide training sessions for your staff and will personally support you to ensure you get the absolute most from the solution.

Start better utilising the spaces you manage

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