Proof of Concepts

Proof of concept is a realisation of a certain idea in order to demonstrate to see if it’s feasible, or the verification that some concept has practical potential.

A proof of concept is usually small and an MVP to prove out the ability to develop a production solution.

At Aware Group we have significant experience in Proof of Concept development and prototyping.

Why is doing a Proof of Concept useful?

  • To Test Technical Feasibility
  • To Test Acceptance of the Functions/Product
  • To Save Costs
  • To Reduce Risk
  • To Explore Financial Viability
  • Build out Stricter Project Requirements

If i do a Proof of Concept, how easy is it to put it in production?

Depending on the solution design, a Proof of Concept is typically fast and agile to prove out feasibility. We do all we can to ensure the IP created during the Proof of Concept phase can be reused but in certain circumstances, if budget is low or reasons prevent this you will be advised at project commencement.