Populace counts people. We give you the flexibility to run the AI in the cloud, or on-premises at the edge.

Locations of People

Populace provides an enhanced method of understanding how many people are in a specific area, through the use of camera feeds, and provides insights such as:

Does the attendance level match the expected amount for the event?

Are specific facilities being utilized to their full potential?

Are fire-safety occupation limits being obeyed, and are exit paths kept clear?

Tracking of People

Understand the path that people are taking over time.

Dwell time: how long are individuals spending in different physical locations?

Queue Tracking: determine how long people are spending in a queue.

Social Distancing: are people in your facility adhering to current social distancing rules?

Demographic & Behavioural Analysis

Populace can help you derive in depth insights into the demographics of individuals on premise, including approximate age, gender, sentiment and more.

Further insights can include predicting people flow and patterns to assist in facilities management scenarios.