Introducing – Populace


Numerous organizations across various industries are facing the same problem – “How can we optimize our facility management to ensure our space is being utilized to it’s full potential?”

Historically, facilities management and optimization has been a very manual and time-consuming process. Aware Group saw an opportunity to leverage existing hardware already installed on site, coupled with computer vision, Artificial Intelligence and people counting technology, to track and count people in a defined space. The result enabled further increasing an organizations ability to ensure maximum space utilization, while re-prioritizing staff resources elsewhere around the business.


What is it?

Populace is a software that has been developed by Aware Group over the last 3 years. At its core, it is a simple computer vision solution that provides the count of people in a given space, at a defined time. Further insights can be derived depending on the desired outcomes of the organization, such as average dwell time, distance between people, and more. The solution is built to be deployed quickly with the ability to scale rapidly, and can either be run on the Edge or in the Cloud.

How does it work?

Populace integrates with existing CCTV camera hardware that is already installed on site, making people counting and tracking a very low barrier to entry for many organizations. The solution does not interrupt the existing security functionality of the cameras, but rather enhances their value by providing further insights into the footfall/usage of the defined area.


Ready to start a proof of concept or roll out a full-scale solution? Contact Aware Group today to find out how you can get started with Populace in your organization.

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