Aware AI for Health and Safety

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The Aware AI for Health and Safety Solution Accelerator uses Computer Vision and turns video cameras into data that feeds a health and safety dashboard with key statistics and notification services. It will help you understand pedestrian behavior and respond appropriately while monitoring against COVID Compliance Regulations. 


Real-time People Counting

Use existing CCTV cameras and Vision AI to count people in an area. Get counts per zone and total across the entire space.

Social Distance Monitoring

Vision AI can track social distancing violations to better understand how to keep people safe while in your space.

Identify Space Bottlenecks

Identify areas in your floor plan where the most compliance violations occur. Use data to make layout change decisions.

Human Pose Monitoring

Detect skeletal pose to identify instances that might cause injury like slip and fall, or bending of the back while lifting heavy items.

Safety Gear Check

Detect Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like hard hats, vests, and face masks to ensure protection compliance is followed.

Direction Detection

Detect when people are heading in the wrong direction like entering through the exit or travelling towards a danger zone.

Queue Length Detection

Estimate the number of people, length, and time for people waiting in a queue. Understand and mitigate when queuing causes blockages.

Hazard Zone Breach

Use AI to detect when someone breaches a secure or hazardous zone. Be able to trigger alarms or notifications in real time.


In the current global pandemic, one of the most in-demand features of the Aware AI Health and Safety Solution Accelerator is the ability to track social distancing violations. 

Using cameras with AI, you are able to identify hotspots in areas that will help you make more informed decisions about mitigation actions. For example, this might allow you to update floor layouts or pedestrian route instructions. 

Check the live demo here

  • Press 2 to track a single person
  • Press 3 to track all people
  • Press 4 to see the violation heatmap 
Social Distancing Tracking
Live Demo
Violation Heatmap

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Go faster with Solution Accelerators that save a lot of development time.
Monitor from anywhere with cloud-based reports accessible in real-time.
Automate health and safety reporting and use data to mitigate future issues.
Leverage existing CCTV cameras with little to no change to infrastructure.
Run AI at the Edge to minimize cloud traffic and keep visual data private.
Easily customize, configure, and add new features and integrations.

Flexible Deployment Options

Innovation in AI processing is happening very fast giving you the option to inference in the cloud, or at the edge on a range of devices.

An edge computing appliance managed by Azure bringing the compute power, storage, and intelligence of Azure right to where you need it.

The introduction of smart cameras and small embedded devices means you can inference nearly anywhere.

Azure offers a comprehensive cloud infrastructure and a family of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you run your intelligent apps.


How to get started?

Get your proof of concept going in weeks, not months. Keep it simple to being, identify the right AI project, and engage the experts that have done this before. You will be surprised how much can get accomplished in a short amount of time.

Envisioning - Solution Identification

Envisioning - Solution Identification

An Aware AI Envisioning session with your team for 1-3 hours can help us identify a use case solution to your challenges, and results in a plan to validate it's potential for your business.

Innovate - Hack a Prototype

Innovate - Hack a Prototype

An Aware AI Innovate 2-3 day workshop usually results in a working prototype that can be tested in your environment to prove the viability and potential of a use case.

Accelerate - Proof of Concept to Pilot

Accelerate - Proof of Concept to Pilot

With Aware AI Accelerate it typically takes just 2-4 weeks for your Artificial Intelligence solution to be developed in your environment and prepared for a production pilot.

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Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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