Aware AI™ for Pathways

Vision AI that counts and classifies pathway traffic

Accurately count and classify your pathway traffic

Cities and campuses need real data on the usage of their pathways to make crucial decisions that will affect operational efficiencies, impact public safety, and change how pedestrians and non-car traffic interact with their environment.

Aware AI™ for Pathways is a turnkey solution that helps planners make these decisions, with accurate data to support them. It counts and classifies micromobility traffic such as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and pedestrians at a considerably lower cost than current solutions, and then makes the results easily understandable by presenting them via an interactive, up-to-date dashboard.

Case study: Hamilton City Council

Hamilton City Council needed to understand how micromobility traffic and pedestrians used their pathways and city footpaths. We deployed our Pathways Counters to analyse pathway usage and provide essential insights to council planners.

By automating the collection of data using our cameras, Hamilton City Council was able to more accurately collect pathway usage information at a fraction of the cost of the systems they had in use previously.

With access to more information, they can now make decisions backed by real data, analyse how changes impact usage, monitor patterns in foot traffic in front of businesses, and much more.

Start better utilising your pathways

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