Aware AI for Facilities Utilisation

Understand the utilisation of your facilities

Facility managers across all industries are faced with challenges in managing buildings, rooms, and other spaces and how they are utilised by employees, students, and customers. Common questions that can be answered by counting people in a specified area or over a specified time include:

  • Are specific facilities being utilised to their full potential?
  • Does the attendance level match the expected amount for the event?
  • What utilisation patterns are evident across different time periods?
  • Can spending on HVAC or lighting be reduced by turning them off in unused facilities?
  • Are fire safety occupation limits being obeyed, and are exit paths kept clear?
  • Are people present when they should or should not be?


Aware AI for Facilities Utilisation uses Computer Vision and turns video cameras into guaranteed accurate data.

Facilities Utilisation Dashboard
Track usage patterns over time, and report on guaranteed accurate data all year-round.

Integrate with timetabling
Compare anticipated, timetabled, and actual usage numbers for more accurate planning.

Manage buildings
Combine real-time and pattern behaviour with Building Management Systems to help control things like HVAC.



Facility Managers

Automated Reporting (TEFMA)

Significantly reduce cost of data collection with automated report creation and guaranteed accuracy.

Room Planning

Thousands of data points per room each year help improve scheduling based on real results and adjust space usage to meet demand.

Ongoing Savings

Multipurpose infrastructure unlocks future projects like integrating with building systems to disable utilities when rooms are not in use.

IT Managers

Minimal Changes to Existing Network

Utilise existing infrastructure, and work in an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud environment as suits your organisation.

Low Maintenance Costs

Aware manage all components, meaning very little additional workload for your IT team.

Integrate and Extend

Connected to Azure data pipelines to make it easy to customise, configure, and add new integrations including out of the box Power BI.

Lincoln University Case Study

Lincoln University, one of New Zealand’s tertiary institutions, sought our help in automating their TEFMA reporting requirements. 

We turned raw camera footage into data displayed on a dashboard providing information on how students and staff use their facilities.

By automating people counting, they have more accurate, up-to-date information for planning and were able to repurpose employees that were once tasked with manual counting, saving on salary costs. 

See the full case study

Flexible Deployment Options

Innovation in AI processing is happening very fast giving you the option to inference in the cloud, or at the edge on a range of devices.

Deploy Aware AI in a Virtual Machine on your existing hardware without the need for dedicated servers or new infrastructure.

An edge computing appliance managed by Azure bringing the compute power, storage, and intelligence of Azure right to where you need it.

Azure offers a comprehensive cloud infrastructure and a family of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you run your intelligent apps.


Implementation is easy

Start with a small trial and move to full roll out once the implementation and integrations are ready to scale. Training and support happen along the way and ongoing to ensure your team understand the reports and gain maximum value from the solution.

Trial (4 Weeks)

Trial (4 Weeks)

Optionally test on up to three rooms, and evaluate how it can be incorporated into your business.

Full Rollout (2-4 Weeks)

Full Rollout (2-4 Weeks)

Cameras are installed, then individually tested and tuned by our engineers.

Training and Support

Training and Support

Our team provide training and support your team to ensure you get value.

Other Industry Use Cases

Different industries can leverage people counting in various ways, all of which are similar in approach but differ in how they are applied. We pride ourselves on the ability to customise the solution to fit whatever our customer’s requirements are.



Determine or predict usage of an area to control lighting, HVAC, or maintenance prioritisation.



Know how many workers are in an area and when people cross into a hazardous zone.



Understand foot traffic quantity and identify where customer interest lies within the store.



Understand how many people are in a waiting area or how long they have been waiting in a line.



Determine what exhibits people spend the most time on and their path through different collections.

Property Managers

Property Managers

Understand how facilities are utilised and make informed investment and maintenance decisions while providing additional insights to tenants.

Get automated reporting with guaranteed accuracy on how people use the rooms and spaces you manage

Get in contact to see a demo and discover how easy it is to implement.
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