Announcing Aware AI

Announcing Aware AI™ by Aware Group

As emerging technology leaders in the Asia Pacific, Aware Group are proud to announce a range of Artificial Intelligence Solution Accelerators that will help organizations tackle digital transformation challenges and opportunities.

Aware AI™ is a flexible solution suite for building, deploying and operating cognitive AI-enabled applications that enable many new industry use cases.  Aware AI™ combines the AI software, services, and support to help deploy trusted enterprise AI solutions, at scale, more quickly, with a faster time to realized value and organizational impact.

Modular Architecture
Aware AI™ solutions utilize a modular enterprise AI reference architecture, where you can combine AI models, machine teaching, data pipelines, visualizations, integrations, and data platform components to build a wide variety of solutions. Built on the Azure Platform, with intelligent cloud services and intelligent edge devices such as Azure Stack Edge, you can deploy securely to the cloud, edge or in a hybrid configuration specific to your deployment needs.

Solution Acceleration
Aware AI™ Solution Accelerators build on top of existing IP, and are customized to give context and additional features for each customers business scenario and requirements. A lot of time and money can be saved by starting with existing base solutions. Customization for specific cameras, AI models, reporting needs, and integrations build on top of the starting solution.

Example Solutions Accelerators include::

  • Health and Safety with COVID compliance reporting
  • Facilities Utilisation for understanding building utilization
  • Manufacturing Quality Control with computer vision anomaly detection
  • Noise Classification and Compliance Reporting
  • Vehicle Analysis for understanding traffic patterns, density, and types
  • Predictive Maintenance for analyzing sensor and equipment health
  • Fraud Detection for analyzing patters and assist prevention
  • Agriculture Monitoring with Azure FarmBeats integration
Queue Estimation
COVID Mask Detection
Mismatched Labels
Detecting Cars Parked
Counting Animals
Counting Traffic


Solution Accelerators are built using our reusable Aware AI modules. Modules group features where the subject or function are the same.

Examples of multi-purpose modules are:

  • People AI with features for counting people, footfall tracking, detecting social distancing violations, floor space utilization, dwell time, human pose detection, checking safety gear, queue length detection, hazard zone breach and others
  • Vehicle AI with vehicle counting, vehicle classifying, detecting traffic density, direction detection, number plate recognition, parking space utilization, accident detection and others
  • Object AI with the ability to count, classify and monitor nearly any other object including animals, production parts and many more.
  • Audio AI with the ability to detect and classify sounds which can help with noise compliance, industrial quality control and understanding the source source and location.
  • Language AI with the ability to understand sentiment, detect key phrases, identify named entities, translate language, convert speech to text, text to speech and identify a person.
  • Other AI modules like Open Source Libraries, existing customer supplied AI modules and services like the Microsoft CustomVision.ai services are also supported within the architecture.

Trusted Experience 

Aware Group consultants, architects, and developers have delivered hundreds of AI projects for Enterprise and Public Sector organizations over the last few years. We are experienced Responsible AI practitioners, and offer a range of AI strategy, planning, and governance services. We will help guide your stakeholders to ensure the right AI project is being implemented for the right reasons, in an accelerated delivery, at enterprise scale, while ensuring security, regulatory compliance, transparency, and fairness were planned in from the start.

Our typical process for AI accelerated digital transformation :

  • Step 1: Envisioning – Solution Identification. This is a 1-2 hours with our AI Solution Architects and Consultants where we get to understand the challenges your business, examine the date available and identify if AI is a good fit for the use-case scenario.
  • Step 2: Innovate – Hack a Prototype. This is a 2-3 day engagement where you we work with your team and your data to prove the viability of a use-case and hack together a prototype that can validate the solution.
  • Step 3: Accelerate – Build a Proof of Concept.  This is typically a 2-4 week engagement, but sometimes longer depending on complexity, that builds on the prototype to prepare to take the solution into the production pilot stage.

Next Steps
AI might seem a little scary at first, but working with us can make it simple. From the opportunity identification and business justification, to the prototype development and use-case validation, we have the projects and processes under our belt to make your project a success.

Visit our Aware AI page for more information or contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form. You can even pickup the phone and give us a call, we are happy to chat anytime.

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